Daniel is a twenty-first century connoisseur with distinctive and often anachronistic tastes–aesthetic, culinary, and even mind-altering. When Daniel sets out to seek answers about his past in long-sealed documents, he makes a startling discovery that leads him on a cross-country quest. In the course of his travels, he becomes preoccupied with Antoinette, an enigmatic archivist who may hold the key to his search. When he discovers she may be involved with his closest friend, Roger, he comes to distrust them both. His quest becomes a dangerous obsession that drives him to the brink of madness.

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Selected Articles and Reviews:

There is a One-Eyed Man in the House. (An article on translation and one-eyed men, for The Byword)

Lessons Learned: Susanne and Lloyd Rudolph, in Memoriam

After the Clouds have Gone. (A comparison of two recent translations of the seminal Urdu short story collection, Angaare, for Outlook)

All Hail Salman Rushdie. All Hail Joseph Anton. (Review of Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton for Bookslut)

The Myth of the Lone Ranger (Review of Ayesha Jalal’s The Pity of Partition: Manto’s Life, Times, and Work across the India-Pakistan Divide for Caravan)

The Earnest Orientalist (Review of Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Habibi for The Sunday Guardian)




Taste Book Cover








Taste, a novel (Foxhead Books, 2014). Click here to purchase and for more info.



book of terror

The Little Book of Terror, essays and paintings on the Global War on Terror (Foxhead Books, 2011). Click here to purchase and for more info.




Upendranath Ashk: A Critical Biography (Katha Publications, 2004). Buy from Indiaclub.com, infibeam, Amazon.